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Living Single, Drinking Double Hazy IPA

ABV: 8.00% IBU: 44.00 SRM: 5.00 

Living alone has its pros and cons. Pros: you can leave your dirty socks in the living room as long as you damn well please, you don't have to fight over which Netflix movie to watch on Friday nights, and you can eat peanut butter straight from the jar. Cons: you and only you are responsible for picking up your stinky socks, peanut butter without jelly is sometimes kind of lonely. Rather than try to double fist the single living blues away, how about a DOUBLE hazy IPA? It's got all the punch of two beers, but in one glass. Brilliant! And to make it even better, we added a whole party full of hops to play. Moteuka, Simcoe, Cashmere, Mosaic and a touch of Sabro bring the lime, melon and citrus. Cheers, single living friends! You are the king/queen of your castle.