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Monday–Wednesday: 3–9pm
Thursday-Sunday: 11:30am–9pm
Fridays & Saturdays bar and kitchen open until 10pm through Summer!
June 27th: Closed
June 30th: 3pm–10pm
July 4th: 12pm–6pm
Happy hour: Monday–Thursday 3–5pm

Online ordering is available for pickup or delivery. Thinking ahead? Pre-order up to one day in advance. 

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Stoup Kenmore Taproom Menu

v* vegan  v vegetarian  gf gluten-free

One Handed Snacks

shrimp chips


spicy sambal cashews

v* gf

mediterranean olives

v* gf

spicy ipa beef jerky


Share Plates

soft pretzel

hand shaped and hearth baked
add cheese sauce (2)
eat with: Mosaic Pale Ale

chef russel's lumpia

filipino style pork spring roll/sweet chili sauce
eat with: Mosaic Pale Ale

curry sweet potato hummus

olive oil flatbread/pumpkin crunch

loaded nachos

cheese sauce/cotija/pico de gallo/tomatillo avocado crema/black beans/pickled serranos
add red ale braised pork carnitas (6)
eat with: Mixtape Juliet

no bones crunchy cauliflower "wings"

classic buffalo sauce
eat with: Mosaic Pale Ale

meat & cheese

local cheese/pioneer square coro cured meats/crackers
eat with: Mixtape Juliet

meatball sliders

parmesan pull apart buns/basil/mozz



chickpeas/pepperoncini/fennel salami/provolone/sweet 100’s
eat with: Robust Porter

wedge salad

blue cheese dressing/everything bagel crunch/bacon/peppadew peppers

Large Plates

smash burger & fries

moses lake farms dry aged beef/house b&b pickles/iceberg lettuce/usa cheese/served with waffle fries
eat with: German Style Pilsner

pork spare ribs

moses lake farms pork/soy garlic sticky sauce/ginger cabbage salad

fried chicken

four piece organic free range bird/burnt hops honey mustard
eat with: German Style Pilsner

penn cove mussels

whidbey island harvested mussels steamed in ale/big ol’ piece of garlic bread

sloppy joe grilled cheese

slow cooked joe sauce/melty cheese/tomato soup

Square Slices


crunchy grandma-style pizza served only by the slice


crunchy grandma-style pizza served only by the slice

Round Pies

13" six slice pies/made with washington grown flour


red sauce, mozz, provolone, pecorino

beer belly

red sauce, fennel sausage, red onion, mushrooms, mozz


red sauce, pepperoni, pickled serranos, fireweed honey, mozz
eat with: Mosaic Pale Ale


red sauce, crushed meatballs, provolone, mozz, roasted peppers


white sauce, oyster mushrooms, kale, pesto, mozz, parm
eat with: JoJo ist ein Munchner Helles


white sauce, caramelized onions, roasted garlic, pepper bacon, brie

pile it on (2 ea)
basil/pickled serranos/pesto/black garlic ranch

Soft Serve

cup or cone

malted vanilla (contains gluten) or chocolate or swirl served in a cup or homemade waffle cone (contains gluten)

chocolate sundae

chocolate ice cream/chocolate stout fudge/whip

root beer float

malted vanilla bean ice cream/root beer/whip

Happy Hour

monday–thursday 3-5pm

meatball slider

pesto/crunchy pull apart bun

square cheese slice


square pepperoni slice


quarter pan nachos

v gf
cheese sauce/cotija/pico de gallo/tomatillo avocado crema/black beans/pickled serranos
ADD red ale braised pork carnitas

sloppy joe grilled cheese

slow cooked joe sauce/melty cheese/tomato

chocolate swirl sundae


$1 off all beer and wine plus $2 off cocktails


What's On Tap in Kenmore

Citra IPA

ABV: 5.90% IBU: 50.00 SRM: 3.00 
We like to call this one Sunshine In a Glass ... or Sunshine In Your Belly because it won't stay in that glass long. Our Citra® IPA is designed to be light and bright in both color and body. Your first sniff will elicit images of tropical fruit and citrus thanks to a healthy dose of Citra® hops. Enjoy a pint of this and you might just find yourself gazing skyward, pondering how in the heck sunshine made its way into your glass.
AWARDS: 2019 Silver Medal-WA Beer Awards, 2019 Bronze Medal-Best of Craft Beer Awards, Silver Medal- SIP NW Best of the NW, 2015 Silver Medal-WA Beer Awards


German Style Pilsner

ABV: 5.20% IBU: 37.00 SRM: 3.00 
Imported German 2-row barley and Roy Farms ADHA 1940 hops give this German-style pils it's crisp, clean character.  Warning: this beer's subtle grain sweetness, spicy hop aroma and refreshingly dry, hop-forward finish may elicit a spontaneous Prost!
AWARDS: 2017 Silver Medal-SIP NW Best of the NW

CATEGORIES: German, Lager, Pilsner

Mosaic Pale Ale

ABV: 5.30% IBU: 39.00 SRM: 5.00 
A highly drinkable, hop forward beer with a classic American Pale Ale malt bill. Heavy handed Mosaic dry hopping gives this beer a nose packed full of citrus and mango. Up front aroma, balanced bittering and a moderate body just beg for another taste...and another...and another...
AWARDS: 2021 Silver Medal-Great American Beer Festival, 2019 Silver Medal-SIP NW Best of the Northwest, 2019 Bronze Medal-Best of Craft Beer Awards, 2018 Silver Medal-WA Beer Awards, 2017 Judges Pick-SIP NW Best of the NW

CATEGORIES: Northwest, Pale

NW Red

ABV: 5.00% IBU: 40.00 SRM: 12.00 
Our Northwest Red Ale provides a distinctly Northwest hop character balanced with a restrained malt sweetness. We use 2 Row barley along with Best Maltz Red X to create a rich, red color and a smooth, satisfying taste. A hint of chocolate seals the deal.
AWARDS: 2021 Silver Medal-Great American Beer Festival


Robust Porter

ABV: 6.20% IBU: 45.00 SRM: 31.00 
Rich in color and character, our robust porter conjures up memories of decadent chocolate treats dipped in coffee. Hints of dark chocolate, roasted coffee and light malty sweetness are the result of a complex malt profile including chocolate malt, roasted wheat and roasted rye.

AWARDS: 2019 Judges Pick-SIP NW Best of the Northwest, 2019 Silver Medal - North American Brewers Association, 2018 Silver Medal-WA Beer Awards, 2017 Double Gold Medal-Sip NW Best of the NW, 2017 Gold Medal-WA Beer Awards, 2016 Silver Medal-WA Beer Awards, 2014 Silver Medal World Beer Cup & WA Beer Awards

CATEGORIES: Northwest, Porter

Bavarian Hefeweizen

ABV: 5.00% IBU: 13.00 SRM: 4.00 
Close your eyes, take a sip of this beer and you’re sure to be transported to a tree-lined, sun-speckled biergarten in Munich. We honor tradition by brewing this beer using decoction mashing techniques and fermenting with a German yeast strain that imparts prominent banana and clove notes. The wheat gives this beer a crisp, slightly tart, refreshing finish. AWARDS: 2019 Gold Medal-North American Brewers Association, 2016 Gold Medal-WA Beer Awards, 2015 Silver Medal-WA Beer Awards, 2014 Gold Medal-WA Beer Awards

CATEGORIES: Bavarian, Traditionally Spring, Traditionally Summer, Wheat

JoJo ist ein Munchner Helles

ABV: 4.50% IBU: 45.00 SRM: 2.00 
Our friend JoJo, a youthful, energetic and TALL German brewer spent the last 8 months with us doing every job possible in the brewery. While he's gone now to travel across the country in his 1973 Ford Mustang and then back home to Germany (insert sad face), we get to remember him with this delicious Helles. This beer is refreshing with a pleasant malt sweetness, restrained bitterness and noble hop aroma. We miss you, JoJo!

CATEGORIES: German, Lager

Rainbow Bubbles IPA

ABV: 6.30% IBU: 52.00 SRM: 3.00 

Our Stoup Pride month IPA is simply joy in a glass. Feast your eyes on a giddy dance of bubbles in every color of the rainbow while enjoying the aromas of Hallertau Blanc, Nelson Sauvin and HBC 630. So as not to overpower the delicate aromas of gooseberry, white grape and tropical fruit, we kept the malt bill soft with additions of wheat and pilsner malt. It's moderately dry and extremely crushable. We raise a glass of Rainbow Bubbles IPA to equality, compassion, and the incredible gift of loving people for who they are. (Disclaimer: the bubbles are NOT rainbow colored. That's impossible, silly). Proceeds from this beer support a local organization that lifts our LGBT community. See our social media channels for this year's recipient.

CATEGORIES: IPA, Northwest, Traditionally Summer

Paraderade IPA

ABV: 6.70% IBU: 36.00 SRM: 4.00 
Our LGBTQIA+ friends and allies are coming together to celebrate a vibrant, beautiful community. We brewed this beer to help fuel the passion for equality and acceptance and also to just have some fun together. While Pride is much more than a parade, we still love a good march down the street. Think of this beer as fuel for your Pride parade! Hops: Enigma, Chinook and Comet.


Sir Dank A Lot IPA

ABV: 6.70% IBU: 40.00 SRM: 4.00 
Hoping to hit on a hop profile that would shoot this beer to Seattle stardom and eternal cameo appearances on local fundraising television specials, we brought a posse of Sabro,Vic Secret, Mosaic Cryo and Columbus Cryo hops for a tropical and earthy dankness (with a little pine and citrus, also). This is Seattle after all. Gotta keep it dank as hell, but, you know, approachable.


Simcoe Studies IPA

ABV: 6.40% IBU: 66.00 SRM: 4.00 

If you're looking for a lesson in the deliciousness of Simcoe hops, drink this beer! We added loads of Simcoe Cryo hops in the whirlpool and in the dry hop. We threw a little Citra in there to keep it honest, but if you're searching for the citrus and pine that only Simcoe can deliver, this beer is for you!


Pistol Fingers IPA

ABV: 6.90% IBU: 75.00 SRM: 6.00 
We love Mosaic Hops. We went all in and brewed a beer that uses three versions of them: 1) Traditional T90 hop pellets,  2) Cryo pellets, and 3) Pure resin CO2 extract. The result? A beer that screams signature Mosaic aromas with flavors of mango and citrus from start to finish!


Stoup Dogg IPA

ABV: 6.40% IBU: 60.00 SRM: 3.00 
Brewed for our friends at the Barking Dog Alehouse, this Dog has a bit of bark with a delightfully dank bite. Generous additions of Enigma and Talus and just enough Simcoe, Loral and Citra to leash it all together, this good girl brings all the resinous, citrus goodness you expect from a classic Northwest IPA. Raise a glass with your favorite pack, and listen to this dog howl.


Vibe Check IPA

ABV: 6.30% IBU: 65.00 SRM: 4.00 

Just thought we'd take this moment to check in with you. Make sure you're feeling good and staying positive. Not feeling great? Check your vibe and enjoy a pint of this west coast IPA dosed with Loral Cryo, Mosaic, Sabro Cryo and Nelson hop goodness. Feeling better? Cheers, friends.



ABV: 6.70% IBU: 40.00 SRM: 3.00 
For all of you out there agonizing over your first word, this beer's for you! STEAM, BATCH, MALTS, YEAST, GRAIN...the options are endless. Will this be a green letter day or a yellow letter day? Who the heck knows?! We just know that a beer loaded with Cryo Pop, Loral and HBC 630 hops is just the right beer to pair with the game that stresses us out daily and inspires us to be just a little less productive. 


Mixtape Juliet

ABV: 5.80% IBU: 8.00 SRM: 3.00 
Mixtape Juliet, our dry hopped sour series, showcases a unique combination of hops in each release - just like Mixtape Romeo does for Pilsner beers. This edition features Mosaic Cryo hops for big tropical and berry aromas.

CATEGORIES: Northwest, Sour

Headless Mumby Nitro Dortmunder Lager

ABV: 5.20% 
Brewed to celebrate Airways Brewing’s 10th Anniversary. Owner Alex Dittmar is an aficionado of German lagers – cheers to Alex and Airways. Dortmunder is a light and crisp pale lager with a bit of alcohol warmth, a great bready malt flavor, and moderate levels of noble hops spice and flowers.


Bauman's Boysenberry Lemonade Cider

ABV: 6.20% 
Luscious Bauman's Boysenberries beautifully blended with fresh-squeezed lemon juice and zest for a refreshing semi-sweet fruity cider.


Cocktails on Tap & Cider


Barrel aged Cadee Gin, Sweet Vermouth, and Campari. She's bitter, herbaceous, and zesty—the perfect aperitivo.

Walnut Old Fashion

Boozy and Nutty Fun in a Glass!

Hoppy Colada

Herbaceous, Tart and Creamy

The Strange Brew

Summery and Hydrating

206 Mule

Tart and Refreshing

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