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Table Reservations

at Capitol Hill

Stoup Capitol Hill is a very large space so it's a great spot for large groups to meet up without being crowded. We do accept table reservations for groups of 10-20 people. If your group is smaller, just drop in. You might be sharing a community table with others, but there is always room!

If you think you might need more than a single table, please look at the various options for larger groups.
Can I reserve tables outside in the beer garden?
Unfortunately we have a limited number of tables in our beer-garden so we try to keep this space available on a first-come basis for our customers. You are always welcome to ask whether we can accommodate a specific request.
What if I am unsure of my guest count just yet?
Not a big deal, just take a guess and you can update us later as the event gets closer. If you are trying to reserve on a busy night like Friday or Saturday, our free table reservations are limited to a single table. This is usually not a problem for groups of 10-20 because there is plenty of room to stand and mingle. If you will have a larger group, or would like more than one table, we can do that with a Main Floor Special Event reservation and a minimum purchase to guarantee the extra space.
Do we all have to be on a single tab? Can I buy the first round?
We have options! If you want to set up a tab, provide your card at the counter and let your guests know what name to put it under. Only want to buy the first round? We can give you drink tickets to distribute to your guests so that beer goes on your tab.You can even put your credit card on file with us and we can invoice you afterwards.
Can I bring in my own food or have something delivered?
Absolutely! Stoup does not offer food, just a fun and unique Owen's Meats Vending Machine. We have rotating food trucks nightly (and they are a great option with advance notice), but you are welcome to bring in outside food, have something delivered, or use a caterer. Let us know if you are interested in any local recommendations. We have plenty. At the end of the night, we just ask that you take decor and leftovers with you.
Can I bring my kids? Do you host kids' birthday parties?
Yes! We are family-friendly and happy to have a place where kids and adults can have a good time together, with some guidelines:
  • Our kids play area is designed children under 7. Older kids are likely to be bored so Stoup is not a good place for older kid's parties.
  • Our kids play area is open to all guests; we don’t rent it for just your party. Please let us know the ratio of kids to adults in your party.
  • We offer a broad selection of non-alcoholic beverages from sparkling water to apple juice to sodas. You are welcome to bring in your own snacks, and desserts — don't forget plates and utensils!
  • Kids can especially be messy. We really appreciate your attention to the mess at the end of your party. We do not permit any sort of cake smash in our space. 
  • For their safety and the comfort of our other guests, children must be supervised at all times and are not allowed to run around or explore.
Can I bring my dog?
Of course! Friendly dogs, on leash are welcome. We love having dogs in the brewery and we might even come around and snap a few pictures for our social media! We just ask that you are mindful of other guests and their comfort level.
Do you offer any gluten-free options?
Yes! We have several gluten-free options, including cider, hard seltzer, wine and all of our NA options.
Is Stoup wheelchair accessible?
Yes, please use the ramped entrance on Broadway, and let us know if you will have wheelchair guests so that we can make sure your group is placed at our low tables, rather than the bar height tables.
What about decorations?
We do not allow candles or glitter or confetti of any kind. Other decor is usually not a problem, but let’s talk about your decorations in advance. And of course, we ask that you clean up everything at the end.
How long do you hold reservations? What if I'm running late?
We can hold your table for 15 minutes. If you are running late, please text us at (206) 659-8962.