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German Style Pilsner

ABV: 5.20% IBU: 37.00 SRM: 3.00 
Imported German 2-row barley and Roy Farms ADHA 1940 hops give this German-style pils it's crisp, clean character.  Warning: this beer's subtle grain sweetness, spicy hop aroma and refreshingly dry, hop-forward finish may elicit a spontaneous Prost!
AWARDS: 2017 Silver Medal-SIP NW Best of the NW

CATEGORIES: German, Lager, Pilsner

Whiskers Out Export Stout

ABV: 7.00% IBU: 55.00 SRM: 45.00 
Aromas and flavors of dark roasted malts, molasses and a hint of chocolate. Moderately dry and with just enough alcohol warmth to let you know it’s there, our export stout will make you want to wrap your fingers around a pint, cozy up to the bar and enjoy some quality time together.

CATEGORIES: Stout, Traditionally Winter

Mosaic Pale Ale

ABV: 5.30% IBU: 39.00 SRM: 5.00 
A highly drinkable, hop forward beer with a classic American Pale Ale malt bill. Heavy handed Mosaic dry hopping gives this beer a nose packed full of citrus and mango. Up front aroma, balanced bittering and a moderate body just beg for another taste...and another...and another...
AWARDS: 2019 Silver Medal-SIP NW Best of the Northwest, 2019 Bronze Medal-Best of Craft Beer Awards, 2018 Silver Medal-WA Beer Awards, 2017 Judges Pick-SIP NW Best of the NW

CATEGORIES: Northwest, Pale

Citra IPA

ABV: 5.90% IBU: 50.00 SRM: 3.00 
We like to call this one Sunshine In a Glass ... or Sunshine In Your Belly because it won't stay in that glass long. Our Citra® IPA is designed to be light and bright in both color and body. Your first sniff will elicit images of tropical fruit and citrus thanks to a healthy dose of Citra® hops. Enjoy a pint of this and you might just find yourself gazing skyward, pondering how in the heck sunshine made its way into your glass.
AWARDS: 2019 Silver Medal-WA Beer Awards, 2019 Bronze Medal-Best of Craft Beer Awards, Silver Medal- SIP NW Best of the NW, 2015 Silver Medal-WA Beer Awards


Keeps On Giving IPA

ABV: 7.10% IBU: 63.00 SRM: 4.00 
While 2020 is the year that keeps on giving. It's not the kind of giving we appreciate. Knock it off 2020! As a distraction, we thought we'd remind you of what does continue to give the good stuff. Beer. For example, this proud Northwest style IPA gives a sturdy, balanced malt base and then hop, after hop, after delicious hop. We start with Loral and Simcoe Cryo hops in the whirlpool for the citrus flavor and grapefruit aromas. Then, (oh yeah!, there's more) we dry hop with Amarillo, Bru-1 and Citra Cryo for more orange, stone fruit and citrus. Now that's the kind of giving we like!


Tropical Blizzard Hazy DIPA

ABV: 8.10% IBU: 40.00 SRM: 5.00 
Brewed with wheat and oats and loads of Azacca, Mosaic, Galaxy, Sabro and Vic Secret from whirlpool to dry hop, this DIPA is a category 5 storm of tropical fruit flavors and aromas.


NW Red

ABV: 5.00% IBU: 40.00 SRM: 12.00 
Our Northwest Red Ale provides a distinctly Northwest hop character balanced with a restrained malt sweetness. We use 2 Row barley along with Best Maltz Red X to create a rich, red color and a smooth, satisfying taste. A hint of chocolate seals the deal.


Vic Secret IPA

ABV: 7.40% IBU: 65.00 SRM: 6.00 
This IPA has large whirlpool additions of Mosaic and is dry hopped with Australian hop variety Vic Secret. This IPA packs a wallop of passionfruit and pineapple aromas and flavors.

CATEGORIES: IPA, Northwest, Traditionally Fall, Traditionally Winter

Powder Tracks Winter Ale

ABV: 8.20% IBU: 51.00 SRM: 11.00 
Old pathways lost under a blanket of freshly fallen snow make way for new tracks on trails yet to be made. Powder Tracks Winter Ale, a malt forward beer with chocolate and caramel notes touched with a hint of citrus aroma, will call you to forget the noise and embrace the quiet of a winter trail.

CATEGORIES: Traditionally Winter

Robust Porter

ABV: 6.20% IBU: 45.00 SRM: 31.00 
Rich in color and character, our robust porter conjures up memories of decadent chocolate treats dipped in coffee. Hints of dark chocolate, roasted coffee and light malty sweetness are the result of a complex malt profile including chocolate malt, roasted wheat and roasted rye.

AWARDS: 2019 Judges Pick-SIP NW Best of the Northwest, 2019 Silver Medal - North American Brewers Association, 2018 Silver Medal-WA Beer Awards, 2017 Double Gold Medal-Sip NW Best of the NW, 2017 Gold Medal-WA Beer Awards, 2016 Silver Medal-WA Beer Awards, 2014 Silver Medal World Beer Cup & WA Beer Awards

CATEGORIES: Northwest, Porter

Russian Imperial Stout

ABV: 9.20% IBU: 90.00 SRM: 50.00 
We journey back to 18th Century Russia with this big, bold, roasty stout. Brewed with copious amounts of English crystal malt and roasted barley, hopped to a scorching 90 IBUs and then conditioned long enough to round out the edges.


Commonwealth of Goodness-Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

ABV: 10.50% IBU: 95.00 SRM: 50.00 
A big, bold, roasty stout brewed with generous amounts of English crystal malt, chocolate malt and roasted wheat and barley. It is hopped yet balanced with malt sweetness and a full-bodied mouthfeel. Aging in Kentucky Bourbon barrels followed by thoughtful blending creates a silky smoothness with notes of wood, whiskey and vanilla.

CATEGORIES: Barrel Aged, Stout


ABV: 6.80% IBU: 26.00 SRM: 5.00 
We start with a grain bill of Northwest-grown Lyon Pilsner Malt from LINC Malt and German Pilsner malt then fermented with two of our favorite Belgian yeast strains. The result is a crisp, dry beer with aromas of fruity esters a touch of pepper.