StouperAd ShotAt Stoup, our craftsmanship is a testament to our commitment to the art and the science of beer.

As scientists, we hold the microorganisms and chemical processes that create beer in the highest esteem. As artists, we revel in a good pour.

The dual disposition honors traditional styles perfected by earlier brew-masters as well as elevates craft brewing by continually seeking a better pint.

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The newest additions to our line-up:

German Style Pilsner

ABV: 5.1%, IBU: 40, Lovibond: 4

Imported German 2-row barley and Hallertau Mittelfrueh hops give this German-style pils it’s crisp, clean character. Warning: this beer’s subtle grain sweetness, spicy hop aroma and refreshingly dry, hop-forward finish may elicit a spontaneous Prost!


T2R Haymaker III IPA is back!

ABV: 10.5  IBU: 90  SRM: 6

Hops: Simcoe, Equinox, Summit, Citra, Mosaic, Palisades, Falconer’s Flight and Columbus

Malt bill: Pale, Pils, Cara Pils, C15 caramel and a little kettle sugar.

Given our love of science, it should be no surprise that we named our triple IPA after T2R, a class of bitter receptors on your tongue. This is a hop bomb, but balanced and dangerously drinkable.  You can put some T2R on your T2Rs at the Stoup tap room and a few select events and locales around town.


Cascadian Dark Ale

ABV: 6.5 IBU: 79 SRM: 28

Hops and Darkness meet in this wonderfully complex beer. Dark and malty with a hefty helping of Northwest hops, this beer is sure to satisfy both malt and hop lovers alike.


Winter Warmer

ABV: 7%, IBU: 30

A full-bodied winter treat in the English tradition. This well balanced beer is loaded with rich layers of malt that are first evident in the aromas and follow through on the palate. Savory, toffee-carmel flavors are complemented by just the right amount of bitterness. A full pint of gratitude to Big Time Brewery for letting us use their very unique yeast.


Also regularly on tap…

Session IPA

Silver medal in the Session Ales category at the 2014 Washington Beer Awards ®

ABV: 5%, IBU: 45, Lovibond: 5

A vibrantly golden brew crafted with the Northwest beer drinker in mind. Hopped to satisfy, moderately dry in the finish, and restrained in alcohol content, our India Session Ale is ideal for a long Seattle afternoon of beer consumption with friends. Or alone. Who are we to judge?


mk Special Bitter

ABV: 4.8% IBU: 35 SRM: 8

A highly drinkable beer sure to satisfy in all seasons. English crystal malt is countered nicely by a good dose of spicy Golding hops and a satisfyingly dry finish. This is a gently hop-forward beer balanced by notes of light caramel and honey.


NW Red

ABV: 5.5%, IBU: 40, Lovibond: 14

Our Northwest Red Ale provides a distinctly Northwest hop character balanced with a restrained malt sweetness. We use 2 Row along with Best Maltz Red X to create a rich, red color and a smooth, satisfying taste. A hint of chocolate seals the deal


Northwest IPA

ABV: 7.5%, IBU: 60, Lovibond: 7

This beer greets you with floral and citrus aromas, the result of aggressive Cascade dry-hopping. The addition of Chinook hops leave you with a lingering pineyness reminiscent of a hike in the mountains. A light malt sweetness provides balance while maintaining the hop forward character.



ABV: 8.4% SRM: 6 IBU 85

It’s a Double IPA. You know what that means. Hops in abundance, of course.

Robust Porter

Silver medal in the Robust Porter category at the 2014 World Beer Cup®

Silver medal in the Robust Porter category at the 2014 Washington Beer Awards ®

ABV: 6.2%, IBU: 45, Lovibond: 34

Rich in color and character, our robust porter conjures up memories of decadent chocolate treats dipped in coffee. Hints of dark chocolate, roasted coffee and light malty sweetness are the result of a complex malt profile including chocolate malt, roasted barley, roasted wheat and roasted rye.


In the Fermenters & Coming Soon!

Our First Sour!


Not currently available but bound to return down the line…


ABV: 6.2%.  SRM: 12 IBU: 70

Don’t be fooled by the color.  This beer greets you with citrus and floral aromas compliments of Centennial, Summit and Citra hops leading to a complex malt profile, balanced resin and sailing right through to an IPA lover’s finish.


Export Stout (or #WHISKERStOUT for MOvember)

ABV: 7.0%, IBU: 55, SRM: 45

Aromas and flavors of dark roasted malts, molasses and a hint of chocolate. Moderately dry and with just enough alcohol warmth to let you know it’s there, our export stout will make you want to wrap your fingers around a pint, cozy up to the bar and enjoy some quality time together. (A portion of proceeds support Reverend Harth & his mustache rangers as they raise money for men’s health during the month of MOvember.)


Imperial Porter

ABV: 8.0%, IBU: 40, Lovibond: 41

It’s only right that we pay tribute to the beer that’s brought us so much happiness and a bit of early competition hardware (Silver in the Robust Porter Category at both the 2014 Washington Beer Awards® and the 2014 World Beer Cup®) So our Imperial Porter was brewed as a celebration of Stoup’s first year in business. It is a bigger, bolder cousin of our Robust Porter. Brewed with copious amounts of medium and dark English crystal, chocolate malt and flaked rye. The beer is bittered with with Columbus and finished with Hallertauer Mittelfruh hops to provide just the hop backbone needed to keep the complex malt bill in balance. Strong in character with hints of chocolate, roasted coffee and a smooth, rich maltiness, this birthday beer is meant to be consumed along with hearty cheers and expressions of thanks to all for a great first year!


Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Porter

ABV: 9.0%, IBU: 40, SRM: 41

We took that Imperial Porter and gilded the lilly by aging some in a Whiskey Barrel from our friends at Westland Distillery, adding notes of vanilla, toast and the appealing warmth that comes from a higher ABV.


Hoppy Harvest Ale

ABV: 5.0%  SRM: 17 IBU: 50

Our Hoppy Harvest Ale was designed with the change of seasons in mind. This Stoup creation combats the autumn chill with its warming malty goodness and complements the colors of the changing leaves with amber and earthy brown hues. Kiln Amber, Munich and Aromatic malts give this beer a toasty, malt sweetness that is balanced with bracing hop bitterness. Dry-hopping with Goldings and German Merkur hops adds the final fall touch with an earthy, herbal and slightly spicy aroma.


Bavarian Hefeweizen

Gold medal in the Wheat and Rye Beers category at the 2014 Washington Beer Awards ®

ABV: 5.0%, IBU: 13, Lovibond: 5

Close your eyes, take a sip of this beer and you’re sure to be transported to a tree-lined, sun-speckled biergarten in Munich. We honor tradition by brewing this beer using decoction mashing techniques and fermenting with a German yeast strain that imparts prominent banana and clove notes. The wheat gives this beer a crisp, slightly tart, refreshing finish.


Fresh Hop Pale Ale

ABV: 5.7 SRM: 5.0 IBU: You tell us!

Now this is a special beer. Hop harvest comes only once a year and if you’re lucky enough to live close to one of the major hop-growing regions of the world (and we are), you can pick up freshly harvested hops from the Willamette Valley of Oregon, bring them home and brew the same day. And that’s just what we did. Packed with 100 pounds of Cascade fresh hops, this pale ale is the poster child for freshness. Drink it fast because when it’s gone, it’s gone!


Wheaton IPA

Brewed for 2nd Anniversary Celebration of Pint Defiance in Tacoma

ABV: 6.2% SRM: 5 IBU 45

Bittered with Milllennium & Falconer’s Flight, Finished wih Cascade, Falconer’s Flight & Palisades, Dry hopped with Amarillo & Simcoe. This is not a “wheat” beer in the sense that many will expect (like a hefeweizen). The wheat gives the beer a slight nuttiness and lightens up the body.


Citra® IPA

ABV 5.9% IBU 50 SRM 4

We like to call this one Sunshine In a Glass … or Sunshine In Your Belly because it won’t stay in that glass long. Our Citra® IPA is designed to be light and bright in both color and body. Your first sniff will elicit images of tropical fruit and citrus thanks to a healthy dose of Citra® hops. Enjoy a pint of this and you might just find yourself gazing skyward, pondering how in the heck sunshine made its way into your glass.

Stoup Extra Wicket Pale Ale

Brewed for Tom Douglas’ Croquet Tournament to benefit Food Lifeline

ABV: 6.1% SRM: 5 IBU 32

If there ever was a beer to improve your mallet skills, this is it. Our Extra Wicket Pale Ale is golden in color, moderate in body and bittered for balance. Hop aroma is reminiscent of summer with soft floral tones and light citrus and apricot. With this beer in your hand, wickets will appear larger, grass will look greener and one-handed croquet will seem normal.


SMASH Pale Ale

ABV: 7.0% IBU: 54 SRM: 5

That’s SMASH as in Single Malt and Single Hop. Halcyon, a traditional English malt, provides for a light, biscuit flavor, while Chinook hops give this beer a piney, spicy element. Just one malt and one hop variety living together in perfect beer harmony.


Dagon* Golden Strong Ale

ABV: 8.7% IBU: 35 SRM: 6

 Our Belgian Golden Strong Ale is a vibrantly golden, multi-faceted (some might say two faced) beer. It greets you gently with a hint of fruit, a touch of spiciness, and a mild malty sweetness. That warming sensation as you swallow? That’s the devilishly smooth, but generous alcohol content reminding you that this beer is no angel.
*Dagon was the avenging devil of the sea

Bike Rye’d Saison

ABV 6.7% IBU 33 SRM 4

Bike Rye’d Saison is the product of a creative collaboration with Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery. Fermented with French Saison yeast, this beer is delicate and smooth with a bit of spice to keep things interesting. Hints of citrus and pear make this a highly quaffable, delicious springtime brew.


Belgian Pale Ale

ABV 5.4% IBU 35 SRM 7

Moderate malt, a bit of spice and a light fruity finish define this Pike Brewing Collaboration beer. Hopping combines a blend of Old World and New World flair. Paying homage to the Old World, Hallertau Mittelfruh adds some herbal and spicy notes. Dry hopping with Palisade brings the New World to the finish with just a hint of fruit.